Hammond XB-2

Hammond XB-2 uit 1991hammond xb-2

De Hammond voor op het podium of in de studio. een 61-toetsen orel/keyboard met drawbars, Percussie, Reverb, Chorus/Vibrato en volledige MIDI implementatie, met 11-pins Leslie aansluiting.

Sound Engine: DRB-sampling technology
Keyboard: C1 to C6: 61 keys
Drawbars: 9 Pitches (lower 9 pitches)
Drawbar Voicing: B-type/Mellow/Brite
Drawbar Sustain: Short/Mid/Long
Percussion: Second harmonic - Third harmonic, Fast decay - Percussion soft, Touch On/Off - Velocity On/Off, Percussion Level 1 through 16
Vibrato: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3; Speed: Slow, Mid, Normal, Mid-fast, Fast
Attack & Key-click: Slow attack, No Click, Soft, Normal, Max
Overdrive: On/Off, Continuously variable from Modulation Wheel
Tuning: 1 Hz Steps (430-450 Hz)
Transpose: Plus or Minus 1 - 6 semitones

inclusief statief, footswitch en kruk.

Verhuur prijs: € 70,00